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WeissSock Tire Sock

Amazing traction Tire Sock

Weissenfels WeissSock tire socks are the next generation is traction products. Unlike tire chains, grip is provided by an all covering textile surface with no metal parts being used. WeissSock is lightweight and extremely quick and simple to install. Installation is also made easy since there is nothing to adjust, they automatically self center as you drive. Since there is no metal in contact with the road, the WeissSock is totally smooth running with absolutely no vibrations or noise while driving.

Removing WeissSocks is simply a matter of pulling to the side of the road and driving off them.


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Ice Studs MaxiGrip Tire Studs

The MaxiGrip ice stud has been developed for working vehicles and footwear for use in icy, winter conditions. It is intended for off-road and working vehicles.

The MaxiGrip ice stud has been designed to be installed and removed as conditions and seasons require. The MaxiGrip ice stud consists of a hardened and galvanized screw with a Carbide tip cemented the depth of the hexagonal head for durability and superior traction.

The MaxiGrip ice stud is easy to install. It is also easy to remove, even after prolonged usage. In contrast to traditional studs, MaxiGrip...

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Customer Feedback for Tire Chains

lawn and Garden Tire Chains Testimonials

I just wanted someone to know what a great service you provide for your customers. I ordered some chains for my snowblower on a Thursday afternoon and expected them to take about a week to get to my home. I was very surprised to have them at my door step the very next day. You can''t ask for better service than that. I will be telling my friends about this company if they need anything to use your company. Thank you very much.

Tomas L.

Visit us at

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Satisfied Tire Chain Customer

atv tire chains tire chain quality tire chain service

Thank you for your help.
I'm always a bit wary when buying things online, but was great! Fast shipping, reasonable pricing and what appears to be a quality product (I haven't used my chains yet... I'll let you know how it goes!).
When I emailed to ask for instructions on installation, I got a helpful reply the same day! Way to go!
Thanks again.

A. Brown
De Pere, WI

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Truck Tire Chains

tire chain maintenance tire chain quality Tractor Tire Chains truck tire chains

Truck tire chain solutions. V-Bar Reinforced for traction on snow and ice. Square link Predator Alloy with Cam side chains. Highway Twist Link tire chains and studded alloy for aggressive off road applications.

Find all your tire chain needs at

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